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Meroma Restaurant Mexico City. A restaurant can attain success along a broad continuum – either becoming a money pit and the bane of your livelihood, or a cash cow that sets you up for life.

A variety of factors can influence how well you do when tackling the restaurant business – choice of cuisine, location, publicity and quality are all very important, however one of the lesser-tackled aspects of a dining experience include restaurant furniture.

Restaurant furniture can be one of the things that attract or repel a potential customer, and there are several important points to ensure you hit when considering what to buy. Your food should reflect local preference, as communities tend to have different interests, and as such your interior decorations should highlight the food choice, whether directly or through a particular feature. Mexican restaurants often base their decal on Mexico’s landscape, or around fiesta environments and colors, and Chinese restaurants often have beautiful artwork and sculptures to observe.

The visual sense can play an important role in your choice of restaurant furniture – color and texture are the immediately obvious two. Customers will be more inclined to eat somewhere visually appealing, and color coordinated. Warm colors for a cold climate (or vice versa) can entice people into what they perceive as a more enjoyable environment, and avoiding sickly colors such as pale yellows and swampy greens may provoke more of an appetite.

It is a wise tactic to opt for a range of table tops shapes, but not necessarily types. Having the tables remain consistent can improve the appearance of a dining area, whilst a variety of sizes can present accommodation for individuals and pairs to eat, as well as large celebrating groups. It is important to consider whether you want the table bases secured to the floor, as this prevents them from being joined together to present a longer table for big parties, though also makes the tables less likely to topple over.

The placement of rooms can also be a defining factor in how you choose your restaurant furniture. If you are catering towards a general community there should be space for handicapped people to move around, including ramps and adequate seating, and your food should reflect their dietary needs (if any). If you are aiming towards a more defined niche then it is well advised to research what attracts and what deters that group. College students, for example, may be more inclined towards an establishment with a bar available rather than one with wandering entertainers. A table’s center piece can indicate how formal it is, as can the uniform and behavior of the serving staff.

Hygiene and cleanliness are not restricted to a kitchen, and customers will prefer a clean establishment in lieu of popular word of mouth. Some of the less checked areas of the restaurant are those where people most often are – between cushions, beneath tables and dining booths, or behind counters. As such, choosing easily-moved restaurant furniture can be helpful here. Ensuring you give the whole place a thorough clean regularly can delay damage to the furniture, and prolong how new-looking the place may appear. Layers of dust can accumulate rapidly, and it’s unlikely any inspectors will be impressed if the ‘white’ wall is tending towards the same color as the mustard.

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