Metallic Floor Mats

Metallic Floor Mats. Floor mats are an important addition to any vehicle. When it comes to the inside of a car, no area receives more dirt, water, wear and tear than the floor. We step on it, kick it, throw snow, sand, and mud on it – if our floors were living creatures, we’d be thrown in prison for the way we treat them. All of this abuse takes its toll on car and truck floors, but car floor mats can protect our vehicles, and make previously abused vehicles look new.

The ravages of dirt and moisture

Every time someone gets into a car they bring along unnoticed passengers in the form of dirt and water. Without car floor mats, this debris is left to soak into the vehicle’s carpet, where it destroys the fibers, causes stains, and even penetrates past the carpet, to the metal surface of the car floor. Excessive water accumulation during wet or snowy seasons can penetrate the carpet and damage the metal to the point of causing rust, deterioration, and even holes in the under-carriage of any car, van, or truck. The floor of every vehicle needs to be protected from these contaminants.

The rejuvenating effect

A car floor mat is not only a great way to protect a vehicle’s carpet and undercarriage, but it is also an effective way to update, accent, and beautify any vehicle. From feminine pinks to trucker metal, car mats come in all colors, all styles, and many designs. Vinyl and rubber floor mats protect a car’s floor, while also adding a tough, rugged look to sports cars, work vans, and trucks. Floor mats can even be personalized with names, initials, characters, and company logos. Carpeted mats are perfect for any application, particularly passenger cars, sports cars, and mini vans.

Simple to install and inexpensive to purchase – an attractive accessory for any car owner. Not only make your car look good, but by protecting the floor they keep your car showroom new, increasing vehicle value at trade-in. During rainy or snowy seasons, rubber floor mats are an excellent choice to put on top of carpeted mats, keeping rain, snow, and road salt out of your car’s carpet, where it could damage the fibers and metal foundation. From protecting a vehicle, to simply updating and accessorizing, floor mats provide a unique, attractive, customized accessory option, perfect for any car and driver.

Garage floor mats are just what you need to keep your garage floor clean. The protection provided by these mats keeps your garage, shop or basement floor looking as good as new. Durable garage floor mats have a tough non-porous PVC surface that is specially formulated to protect against oil spills, salt and common contaminants found on garage and shop floors. Due to the raised plastic edges and the heavy-duty material that the surface is made of, these mats hold gallons of liquid-oil, coolant, water and mud. This surface prevents slush from spreading onto the garage floor.

Garage floor mats are a convenient substitute to scrubbing, cleaning or refinishing your garage floor. They catch the mud, slush and grime that falls off your vehicle. These mats keep your garage floor clean and eliminate the problem of tracking dirt from your garage into your home. These mats also keep your garage and home safe by keeping all of your walk areas dry.

Garage floor mats come in diamond-trend and coin grade patterns that direct debris out of your garage. In addition to being easy to cut and install, these pads provide a soft feel, neat look and fresh smell throughout your garage, basement or shop floor.

Most garage floor mats are made of durable PVC floor coverings. The butt or overlap material gives a seamless wall-to-wall look. Specially formulated, heavy-duty, installer-grade material is used to make garage mats very effective.

The diamond tread pattern is a popular tread plate design often found on metal tool boxes, truck bumpers, garage storage cabinets, and some metal ramps. This patterned flooring is offered in specially formulated, heavy-duty, installer-grade material. It is made up of solid polyvinyl and has the same resistance throughout the entire product, from top to bottom. Owing to this, it is solid and more durable to drive and walk on.

Garage floor mats are undoubtedly a perfect solution to dripping oil, coolants and other liquids that soil garage floors.

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