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Penny Floor Design . What is a floor but a foundation to behold. Floors ground us, they lie as host to our gravity. But what sometimes lies beneath the surface? Well, a vivid imagination, evidently! Here’s a look at some of the places that have taken the floor to another level.

*Penny Floor. The Standard Hotel in new York has an entire floor made of pennies. An awe-inspiring draw-card, this feature is a must see while on holiday, and about a million people do each year! The coins are stuck fast though… unfortunately.

*Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto is becoming renown for his unbelievable floors made of table salt. Firstly, the visionary draws a dizzying design of mazes and labyrinths, then glues trillions of grains to the ground, creating a whirling effect of complex patterns and landscapes.

*Jigsaw Floor. If you’re a little more adventurous than the standard floorboard kind of person, there’s a new, innovative choice of flooring on the market, available to everyone! Hardwood floors with a jigsaw puzzle design. It comes in thirteen colours and is perfect for the art-deco enthusiast.

*The world’s first skateboard house. The bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room are all skate-able surfaces. The private house in Malibu is inspired by former world skating champion, Pierre Andre. And yes, you guessed it, the floor of the abode is a skateboard rink, inside and out.

*The slide house in Japan allows you to slide from level to level, stopping on any floor, to save yourself the walk.

*In Chicago, the breath-taking Willis Tower is a heightened landmark. It boasts an entire see-through floor, where visitors can gaze across the city from end to end. I wouldn’t put it on your bucket-list if you suffer from vertigo though, it’s on the 103rd floor…

*This one isn’t about an actual floor as such, but all 27 of them. The most expensive house on the planet is in the heart of Mumbai, of all places. It cost a whopping $1 billion dollars to construct, and is 568 feet high. The strange, geometric creation comes complete with a helicopter landing pad, a 50 seat cinema, and room enough for 160 cars. I’m not exactly sure what all 27 floors are actually made out of – diamond plated meteorite, perhaps?

*Each year in December, the Icehotel in Sweden begins a new sculpture made purely of ice. In saying that, I mean the entire hotel is carved from ice. The artwork (which it’s famous for), the tables, chairs, beds, bars, and cutlery. The first and largest of its kind, this majestic attraction draws over 50,000 visitors from all four corners. Guests are expected to sleep in sleeping bags, and skate to bed. The accommodating display then melts around mid-April, where it’s frozen waters return to the Torne River.

*Pressure sensitive floor. It looks much like the small arena John Travolta danced on in Saturday Night Fever, but with a futuristic twist. It sounds impossible, but the floor will actually change colour when a human or living thing strides across the surface. The floor senses body heat, and even outlines the imprint of your feet, or hands, if your inclined to walk on them.

*Lastly, the most expensive floor I could find? It belongs to Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev, who owns the most costly home in all of England. The surface of his swimming pool is made with solid gold tiles. What ever happened to a good old mosaic?

Flooring as a luxury and showcase, why not? Expert flooring specialist, Premium Flooring quote that the floor is not just a walkway, but can be a canvas of self-expression and inspiration. I agree in layers.

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