Pop Up Roof Tiny House

Pop Up Roof Tiny House. When you think of mobile or tiny living, childhood sleeping bags and bunks may spring to mind. Developments in tiny home construction, however, have advanced; designers are creatively meeting the sleeping needs of fashionable singles, couples, and families choosing to simplify. Here are some of the most popular sleeping options to consider when furnishing your new home.


Watch any tiny home-building show and you will see the loft appear time and again as a popular sleeping option. Lofts – the master bedroom of a tiny house – are platforms built close to the ceiling, which saves space below. Many prospective tiny homeowners find that the height of a home makes a huge difference when it comes to the comfort of a loft. If you want your home to go on the road and pass under bridges without trouble, increasing the roof height to add headroom inside the loft is often not an option. If a loft is for you, look for a custom mattress that can be built as wide as you want but without the depth, which saves headroom.

Foldaway Bunks

When moving into a tiny home with children, finding sleeping space for both the adults and young ones can be tricky. If you are struggling to envision little beds taking over your limited square footage, foldaway bunks may be the best option. These beds lie flush against the wall and unfold for use using strong hinges. You won’t have to deal with tall bunks taking up space during the day, and your kids will love helping you “assemble” their sleeping area each night. Foldaway bunks may come pre-constructed or custom built with materials that match your decor.

Slide-out Bed

Similar to foldaway bunks, slide-out beds hide in plain sight during the day and are easily accessed when you’re ready to sleep. Typical versions are hidden underneath a sofa. Some double as a dining table and bench. These slide-out units pop-up, creating a full-size sleeping surface. If you have extremely limited square footage and are disciplined enough to clear your table or couch each night, a slide-out may be the best option for you.

Murphy Bed

Another magical option, Murphy beds allow you to incorporate extra storage in your tiny space while accommodating another sleeping area. This custom option flips up and is hidden away-usually in a shelving unit-during the day. The thinner the custom mattress, the closer the unit will lie against the wall, maximizing floor space. If you have friends who are brave enough to spend the night in your small quarters, having a Murphy bed option as a “guest room” is a welcoming touch.

No matter your bed selection, a custom mattress will allow you to get the sleep you need in the space you have carved out in your new home.

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