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Purple House Decor . Summer is the time of year that many of us look forward to during the other seasons. It not only signals the time of year when many of us can enjoy plenty of time outdoors, it’s also a time when children have off from school and we can have more family time together as well. If you are an individual who tends to decorate for the seasons, you will certainly want to keep the current trends in mind when decorating your home for the summer. Here are some different trends that you may want to consider in arranging your home decor.

Purple is a color trend that tends to come and go, but this summer, it’s a popular choice. Although you can certainly use purple in the home during any season of the year, it tends to look very nice during the summer months. You can either use a deep purple color accent, or you can throw splashes of purple around the room in order to have an impact. Additional colors that look nice with purple include brown, gray and yellow.

The right shade of green can also make a significant impact on your summer decorating efforts. Although there are many green choices available, spring green tends to be trending this year. The reason it is trending now is because it offers a very vibrant color and works well with many different home decor settings without the need of changing everything about the room. As with purple, you can use spring green in small doses throughout the room or in larger doses, depending upon your personal taste.

There is always room for using various patterns in your summer decor. This is something that you can either coordinate throughout the house or you may be able to mix and match, depending upon your own personal style. Using patterns give you the opportunity to express yourself in a number of ways. They can allow you to truly show off your personality throughout the room and can add splashes of color, making the room come to life. When you combine patterns properly, you’ll find that the room takes on its own personality and quite honestly, it is difficult to go wrong in your pattern choices.

One other color that may be used effectively in your summer decorating is brick red. This is a color that is not often used in great quantity throughout the home, but it can add a splash of color, helping to bring your other decorating efforts to life.

It is important to understand that although some trends may stick around for many years, others will come and go very quickly. Some people want to stick with the most current trends while others may want to purchase items that they can bring out every summer to add the different colors that will help to make their home more summery. There really aren’t any rules associated with decorating your home, provided you are happy with the end result.

There are no ugly colors in home decoration but disharmonious colors. How to choose colors to decorate every room is scientific. The color which is too strong will make people feel annoy even influence mental healthy. However, it is easy to arrange the colors when you control some rules. There are several basic tips for you.

1. Do not use blue in your dinning room

Blue is a fantastic and tropical color. Blue also has functions to adjust nerve and make people calm. Although it is fresh and light and perfect to go with fruits, it could subdue your appetite to use in dinning room and kitchen.

2. Do not keep balance between black and white

Black and white style is popular and modern. But if you stay in the house for a long time which black and white is equal, you feel dazing, nerves. It is better to use white as main color decorating with other colors, in this way, your room will be bright, comfortable.

3. Purple makes you depressed.

Purple is quiet and mysterious. Some people who chases for fashion style will choose purple to paint rooms. But large area of purple will darken your whole room. It is suggested that do not paint purple in children’s room.

4. Pink makes you annoy.

Newly married couple may like to choose pink to decorate fantastic. However, strong pink will make people excited, they will easy to angry, fight and annoy if staying in pink house for a period of time. It is suggested that choose pink decorations and lighter pink could also be sweet.

These are a part of advices for you about how to choose colors to design your home. Maybe you have more good ideas for sharing.

Home is a sweet harbor for every heart. To have a house is a dream for us. I hope these rules are helpful for you and I also hope you have your own style.

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