Red Apple Kitchen Decor

Red Apple Kitchen Decor. Brighten your home with the vibrant look of apple kitchen decor! Whether you live in the big city or on a country farm, apple kitchen decor is the perfect way to bring a dull room to life.

The scent of a warm apple pie brings back memories of childhood years at grandma’s house. Using apple scented candles shaped in the form of a pie are a perfect accent for apple kitchen decor.

Some other accents to spice up your kitchen are a fruit-filled wicker basket containing bright oranges, red and green apples and bananas. Used as a centerpiece for the dining table, this creates a warm, country look and feel to the room. A richly colored wallpaper border decorated with a fruit pattern livens up the walls, leaving them anything but boring!

The addition of ceramic or porcelain accents adds even more delight. There are many useful pieces such as apple decorated salt and pepper shakers and canisters that will add to this charming look. A cookie jar and spoon rest are some other items you will find useful, along with adding even more color and freshness to your kitchen.

For the walls, you might consider a vibrantly colored apple clock framed in a country wood or wrought iron frame. Richly hued pictures containing various fruits such as deep purple grapes, red apples, pears and bananas will add charm and color to the walls. There are endless accents you can find to decorate the busiest room of your home in apple kitchen decor.

Some other useful and beautiful items you can use are apple-themed dish towels and dish cloths. Add a richly colored tablecloth and curtains to the windows, using colors that coordinate with your pictures and accents. The addition of fruit themed chair pads add even more country charm.

As you can see, using apple kitchen decor gives you endless options for brightening and refreshing the look and feel of your kitchen. Get busy and decorate your kitchen with fresh and fruity style!

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