Rejuvenate Floor Wax

Rejuvenate Floor Wax . Keeping your business premises or facility clean and presentable at all times is possible with the help of a professional floor stripping and waxing service. Over time floors begin to develop scratches, wax build-up, and starts to yellow and wear – this can soon be restored with the proper treatment and care. High-traffic areas are more to prone to dirt, debris, and grit, than anywhere else, which can leave a commercial space looking less than desirable.

Depending on the type of business and the volume of foot traffic, a floor stripping and waxing course is often recommended at least once every 12-months for commercial premises where heavy foot traffic is to be expected, whereas, for industries with a lower volume of traffic, a routine cleaning can take place once every two or three years or so.

Steps to completing a floor stripping and wax service consists of –

Stripping – with use of a powerful floor scrubber, the old layers of wax, sealer or other build-up are removed. By stripping the floors of old wax, all of the dirt and grime is lifted, leaving behind a bare floor surface. Floor stripping is a common practice on several different types of floor surfaces, such as wooden, marble, tile, concrete, slate, or other surfaces with a wax finish. Each of the floor types features unique characteristics, which requires special attention.

Waxing – a water or oil-based waxing solution is applied to give long-lasting protection, often with 4-6 layers, to make a floor shine like new once again. A high-quality waxing should keep a floor clean and shiny for on average five to six years if professionally applied and maintained as recommended.

Rejuvenating a floors surface, whether it is wood, concrete, or vinyl, is one type of job best left to the professionals. Although, if planning to attempt this yourself, it is important to weigh up the costs involved of hiring the right heavy-duty tools, purchasing the required stripping and waxing solutions, and the manual labor involved. It’s also worthwhile considering the possibility of ruining a perfectly good floor. After consider these points, most companies will opt to contract the job out to one of the commercial cleaning companies.

Overall, a regular schedule of floor stripping and waxing is an important step to keeping floorings at offices, schools, or medical facilities in a clean and safe condition. Remember, the appearance of your business premises, including the floor surfaces, can say a great deal about a particular company and the effect it might have on the bottom line.

Eliminate the guess work of cleaning your carpeted or hard-surfaced floors by using one of the commercial carpet cleaning or floor stripping and waxing services available.

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