Rockabilly Decor

Rockabilly Decor. One o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock…Rockabilly! You’ve ended your countdown and now is the time to start on creating your retro home decor dream kitchen in true Rockabilly style. Don’t worry, we’re here to show you how to get the look with 5 easy and inexpensive pieces.

1. Rockabilly Neon Clock

What would a rockin’ retro 1950′s kitchen be without a soda shop style clock, and what would it be without neon, and of course what would it be without TIKI! A Neon Tiki clock combines all 3. How cool is that!

2. Rockabilly Table and Chairs

You can’t eat your hot dogs standing up that’s for sure, so have a park at a table just perfect for your rockabilly kitchen. A white table top and chrome will do just the trick. Don’t forget the chairs, Black cushions with white trims or go for a bit of color with Red and it might even match your T-Bird…how ’bout that!

3. Rockabilly Lamp

Of course a dark kitchen won’t do, you simply must shine some light on it! Can’t find Betty Paige? Don’t worry, there’s always Betty Boop, and she’ll look great on a side table, or front an center. The cute Betty Boop lamps are plentiful these days as she’s come back in notice of many.

4. Rockabilly Fan

For those hot days don’t forget to make sure you’re nice and cool. Don’t do it with air conditioning, get a couple of 50s retro style fans. Choose a retro style one in pink or Avocado green and any heat from the stove, will be sent right out of the windows, and look good while doing so.

5. Cherry Print Apron

Last but not least, no Rockabilly babe should be without one of these, so whether it’s for yourself of your best girl, you just wouldn’t have a true Rockabilly Kitchen without it!

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