Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Sheet Vinyl Flooring. As a child I used to help my father with home projects, I remember how old linoleum and vinyl tended to crack and discolor. It surprised me to see the advances that had been made in the vinyl flooring industry when my dad asked me to help lay sheet vinyl flooring in the kitchen of one of his rental apartments. It was flexible, and it had a nice pattern on it. It was nothing like the linoleum or vinyl floors that I remembered dealing with in the early 1980’s.

Installation was easier than I imagined it could be, we did have to seal seems but other than that it was the easiest flooring I have ever helped install. Remembering how the floors of the past held up I would check the floor at the apartment each year, only to see that it was yet unstained and free of cracks. It was quiet and comfortable to walk on, even after several years. Renters came and went, pets and children as well as usual kitchen spills happened but the flooring is still as lovely as when we installed it over five years ago.

Sheet vinyl flooring has changed over the years, new advances in technology and changes in how it is constructed have bolstered a growing industry. It is second only to carpeting in sales, many people have identified they prefer it because it is inexpensive, durable, and resilient. With so many companies making different patterns and styles it is easy to find something to meet any family’s needs.

There are varieties that have layers to discourage growth of mold and mildew, some are treated with silver to naturally deter growth of bacteria, while other sheet vinyl flooring has added layering to enhance the comfort of standing and walking on it. With many people considering environmentally friendly options in home renovations it doesn’t hurt that vinyl is recyclable.

Another benefit of sheet vinyl flooring is its resistance to water damage. Being seamless, it does not absorb water and it is easy to clean up spills without having to worry about potential stains or water damage to the floor that it is protecting.

Sheet vinyl is not the only vinyl flooring option, many people who like to do their own home renovations choose vinyl planks or vinyl tiles for smaller rooms or for the ease of completing the project without assistance. I remember that my father needed help laying the sheet vinyl flooring in the apartment, and if I hadn’t been available to help he would have had to pay someone to come install it for him.

With the financial situation faced by many Americans today, sheet vinyl flooring an affordable option that is not only durable but is available in a myriad of patterns with a variety of enhancements. Companies who make vinyl flooring are focused on developing new ways to make their product even more resilient, more stain resistant, and more lasting. The patterns and designs available today are eye-catching and enhance the appearance of a room. Sheet vinyl is low maintenance, easy for anyone to take care of with minimal fuss or worry.

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