Star Wars Home Decor

Star Wars Home Decor. When you have a baby, or when your kids are growing up. Redecorating their space may be the largest part of the redecorating process for you. How do you create a theme that you child will not “grow out of” within the next year or so? Sometimes you can design a theme that can be altered with the simple removal of, and subsequent addition of smaller items to the room. Things such as well-framed posters, a stenciling painted on the wall, and a few more accessories such as trinkets that will alter the overall look without costing you a fortune.

When redecorating, several parents have all the ideas when it comes to decorating the living room, their own bedrooms, bedrooms , the den or office – no problem. For these individuals, the majority of their home redecorating frustration actually comes from trying to figure out the perfect motif for their children’s bedrooms, bathrooms, nurseries, playrooms and so on. How to decide? It is especially difficult because children’s popular trends fluctuate so rapidly. So if “Finding Nemo” is the most popular theme today, next week it might be “Snow White” or “Star Wars” AGAIN. A kid’s room could be not cool for two weeks or suddenly be a-never-cool-again bedroom, playroom, or what have you. So what do you do? There are several suggestions – but one in particular rises above all the rest: the use of broad, yet personal themes.

For example: if your little boy or girl is obsessed with a specific sport, you are off to a great start. Sports themes can be very specific – such as jerseys, pictures and accessories for a particular team, or they can be very broad. But it might be a good idea to have a more general, say, basketball theme for the overall design.

Some little boys and girls fickle fans, they change their minds about what sport is their favorite and want to have THOSE bed sheets or THAT wallpaper. In such a case a general sports theme can be the very best answer for you, wallpaper with footballs and baseball gloves, hockey sticks and basketball hoops. Maybe a couple of sets of sheets and pajamas with the “theme of the week” he or she insists upon. The more general the better, there are less complications that way.

Another example applies to little boys or girls obsessed with a cartoon character, for example: “The Little Mermaid.” Posters and “under the sea” CDs are great, even little Ariel trinkets will do. But the overall d├ęcor could, perhaps, be something more along the lines of a general underwater theme. This way, he or she could change his or her mind without you having to make any drastic changes to accommodate the child.

Another idea is to explore what they dream to become when they grow up and set up an aviation theme, for example . . . or perhaps a dancing theme would be perfect in your child’s bedroom. I grew up with two sisters and the three of us all danced for years, the playroom had a slight dance – theme to it. We played our music on our own cassette player and practiced in that room. There, of course, was also where we kept our dolls, dress-up clothes, and other toys – so it was not a solid motif. It was a playroom. Nonetheless, it was a playroom we never tired of.

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