Sweeper Clipart

Sweeper Clipart . When looking for a way to clean a carpet that is quiet and affordable a carpet sweeper is the perfect option. Carpet sweeper’s come in a variety of different types and models. The three main types of carpet sweepers are mechanical sweepers, battery operated sweepers, and larger wide area sweepers. Mechanical sweepers use mechanical brushes that are driven by the wheels on the machine. Battery operated sweepers can spend at higher RPMs by utilizing an electric motor. Wide-area sweepers are usually powered by larger electrical motors or by propane. The best sweeper for use in a busy setting is a battery cordless sweeper. One of the best sweepers sold in the United States is the Tornado EB 30.

The EB 30 mechanical sweeper by Tornado industries is small enough to get into tight spaces and is whisper quiet. The problem with most battery operated sweepers is the run time you can get off a single charge. The Tornado EB 30 counters this by using a state of the art 7.2 volt NI-MH battery system. This battery pack can provide up to 12 hours runtime which is unheard of in the sweeper market. An added feature of such a small electrical motor is how quiet the unit operates. Operating at less than 56 decibels the sweeper conforms to current LEED standards for green buildings. These types of sweepers are perfect for lobbies, entry ways and restaurants or wherever there is frequent foot traffic. The sweeper is only 12 inches wide making it extremely maneuverable and fast at cleaning up small debris spills.

This Tornado sweeper is well-designed with a fully adjustable handle to conform to the user’s height. The unit is built with ergonomics in mind which help reduce user fatigue which can cut down on injury in costly lawsuits. The sweeper is easily controlled by simple foot activated on and off switch. If longer runtimes are desired the unit can be purchased with additional batteries and an onboard charger. The color of the unit is bright yellow and can be easily seen by foot pedestrians so that accidents do not occur. The only wearable parts on the machine are the bristled brushes on the brush roller to pick up dirt as the shaft spins, making this an economical and eco-friendly choice over traditional vacuum cleaners.

With emerging battery operated technologies for cleaning equipment, the EB 30 is paving the way to more effective cleaning for industrial and commercial cleaners. Cleaning can now be done not only during closed hours, but while a company is in full operation. Effective cleaning tools are now being built quieter and more eco-friendly.

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