Tiny House With Pop Up Roof

Tiny House With Pop Up Roof. Energy costs today are running rampant. Taxes have literally gone through the roof. People are finally beginning to say enough is enough. So how do we stop this runaway train that housing has turned into? To find the answer to this pressing question we must first look at what led our society down this devastating path in the first place. This requires looking back into how homes have been defined through the ages.

Throughout time, homes can be divided into two categories. The first is that of everyman, and the second is that of the gentry, or upper class. For a long time the homes of everyman were built to meager standards. They contained just enough space for the everyday needs of the family. There was a kitchen area which many times was combined with a dining space. There was typically a small bit of extra space which could be used for sitting and passing the time reading, doing chores, or craftwork of some sort.

The “bedrooms” were typically no more than a sleeping bunk or loft set off of this main area. In some cases, the parents’ bunk would be downstairs and separated from the common area by a simple curtain. The children would then sleep upstairs in the loft. Everyman didn’t own the amount of clothing that we worry with today. This means that there usually was no need for closets to store them in. A simple chest of drawers could hold what was needed.

Through the ages however the upper class has had a different notion of what a home should be. These homes have included all sorts of elaborate rooms such as music rooms, parlors, formal dining rooms, multiple guest rooms, and many more. Nowadays, when one looks at homes of the middle and even lower class families in America, it is easy to see the influence that the homes of the gentry have played. It has become common place for many homes to now have a great deal of excess space.

Take for example a family of four; two children and two parents. The parents spend a great deal of time in the living room which could be as big as twenty five by twenty feet or more. The kids might spend most of their time in their bedrooms. The dining room largely goes unused, as does the kitchen which is also huge. Heating, cooling, and even lighting this home is quite expensive. The property taxes are also high as well due to square footage. So, why would this family choose to pay to live in such a costly home?

This is the question that many people are now starting to ask. By running a search on the Internet for “tiny homes” one can easily see the grassroots movement that is now picking up steam here in the US and abroad. Some single individuals have found it comfortable, and affordable, to live in a home of less than 200 square feet. Just imagine a home for one that costs under $5,000 USD. Does this sound too good to be true? Believe it or not there are many of these tiny houses starting to pop up all across the world. This begs the question; why should we choose to live in such small houses? There are five excellent reasons why it should be an option that everyone considers in this day and age.

1. Cut Those Spiraling Energy Costs – Average electric, gas, and water bills have been going up exponentially in the past several years. Some say it is due to the finite supply of resources powering many of the utilities. Others feel it is due to the greed of the corporations holding the reigns. No matter what the reason there is no arguing as to the pain in the wallet that these bills represent. Now imagine being able to run your entire house on two simple solar panels. On days with little sun you might have to resort to wind for back up. This is quite possible with a small home. Tiny homes are very easy to heat, cool, light and more without having to give your sweat and blood to the utility companies.

2. Say Goodbye To The Taxman – Property taxes are on the rise as towns, counties, and states look for more income streams. The larger your home the more taxes you will likely pay. Now imagine how little tax you would have to pay for a home that could fit on a space the size of four parking spaces two in front of the other. That’s right; your new tiny home could be easily squeezed in wherever you can find an ultra small lot. Some folks even build theirs to fit onto a flatbed trailer for mobility.

3. Scoff In The Face Of Disaster – Just ask people who lose their homes in tornadoes or hurricanes, losing a full sized home in a disaster can be extremely devastating. Not only do you lose your worldly belongings, but you also take an enormous financial hit, especially if you do not have homeowners insurance that will cover such loss. Now compare a $10k tiny home with a $100k full sized home. Any loss is hard, but at least this sort would be much easier to come back from. Imagine as well the ability to hook your home up to a vehicle and move it to safety if need be.

4. Keep Yourself Clutter Free – Have you ever taken a look around a cluttered room and felt your heart race or began to feel a headache coming on? The truth is that in today’s homes the extra space simply serves as a catchall. It is somewhere that we can store any number of things that will need to be dusted, cleaned, and just generally cared for. If nothing else, we end up moving the things from spot to spot. Why go through all this trouble? A tiny home would help to reduce the desire for such clutter by simply not offering up as much dead space. Sure, you would have plenty of room for keepsakes. You would not however have to worry about that old tin whatnot getting knocked into other stuff or collecting dust.

5. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Perhaps one of the best reasons to choose a tiny house would be the benefit of reducing your overall carbon footprint. This takes place in several ways. First, a tiny home requires an enormously reduced amount of building materials. This in itself is a huge step. Next is the fact that you can easily convert it to use wind and/or solar energy for your electrical needs. By relying on solar powered lights, heating, and cooling, you will do your part in reducing the burden for oil, gas, and other such resources. This is another huge step in helping the planet. Whether you believe in the existence of global warming or not, there is no arguing that man has an effect on his environment. Why not take steps to make this impact less harmful than it could be?

Keep in mind that these five reasons are not the only ones. There are many other reasons to choose a tiny home over a full-sized energy consuming model. There may come a day in which we all will be required to look into the feasibility of tiny home living. Why not get a jump on it now and get the perfect tiny home today?

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