Torchiere Floor Lamp Makeover

Torchiere Floor Lamp Makeover. It is actually possible to turn your house into a dream house just by decorating your house with the best lighting fixtures. Interior design lamps, overhead chandeliers, luminaires – all make up the wide range of fixtures that can inevitably create a satisfying and desirable mood in your house. The good thing about redesigning your home in this matter is the fact that home improvement with regards to installing different types of fixtures can be quite as simple as any other home improvement activity – it is work-saving, money-saving, easy in a ‘do it yourself’ way with the right quick reference guides.

In making the home of your dreams a reality, all you need to do is to control the atmosphere and the dominant feel of style inside the house. To do this, the best way to sort this out is to control the kind of fixture that you have. Wall, ceiling and floor projects that are relative to this feat and their difficulties to do so depend on the kind of change that you want to undergo. For one thing, makeover project such as this is usually jumpstarted by a detailed survey of the market for the materials that you are likely to need. With regards to the lighting fixtures, this is not going to be a problem because the market is teeming with a wide array of designs and styles that would surely fit the dominant architectural scheme of your house.

The fixture types are usually categorized into 3 major types which include the portable and free standing fixtures, fixed fixtures and the special purpose lights that are incorporated in the automotive industry. The first two types are the crucial choices for home improvement purposes and it is for this reason why some household owners are banking really hard on choosing the right ones. Free standing lighting fixtures are the kinds of interior furnishings that are rendered portable. Such examples include all types of lamps such as balanced arm and gooseneck lamps that are usually found in living room tables, nightstands and desk tables.

On the other hand, the fixed fixtures include recessed lights often referred to as the downlight – this is best emphasized by all kinds of floor lamps, notably torch lamps, torchiere or arc floor lamps. Surfaced mounted lights such as chandeliers and emergency lighting are also categorized in this fixture type. Even the street lights and sign lights are also included in this category.

If you are planning to reinvent or enhance the atmosphere of your house then tweaking your lighting fixtures would surely make a difference. For instance, a torchiere floor lamp instead of a fluorescent lamp will do better in producing a grainy light that will enhance and offer a calming mood in the house. Same is true when it comes to choosing a particular table lamp. Lighting makes all the difference.

Tiffany light fixtures, made from pieces of colored glass bound together, adds vitality, color and charm to any room. Named after celebrated artist Louis Comfort Tiffany, who also designed stained glass windows, lamps, and mosaics,Tiffany lighting is a wonderful choice for creating a festive atmosphere in the dining room.

Tiffany lighting has been around since the late Nineteenth Century, and the style is not going away any time soon! Add one of these pieces to your dining room, and you’ll make a statement that is truly timeless. Whether you’re undergoing a dramatic room makeover or looking to quickly spruce up a space, Tiffany lighting will enhance your entertaining space wonderfully. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Tiffany Lamps. An ever-popular way to change up the look of a room, no electrical knowledge required! Consider using Tiffany style table lamps on your buffet for an upscale look. If you simply need to brighten up a dark corner or add visual interest to a bare wall, consider a Tiffany torchiere/ floor lamp.
  • Tiffany Chandeliers. These designs include multiple “arms” and colorful glass shades designed in Tiffany style. For a formal look in your dining room, choose one with upward-facing lights. For more direct lighting (and a less formal look), choose a downlight version.
  • Tiffany Bowl Pendants. Extremely popular in contemporary dining dining room settings! Because of their casual elegance, Tiffany bowl pendants work particularly well in smaller dining rooms, or dining areas that open up to the kitchen or other rooms of the home.  

While traditional styles are available (like the “Harvest” design), non-traditional versions are rising in popularity. Look for new, natural materials like shells or natural stone. We love the “Pomez” bowl pendant from Quoizel, made from genuine agate stone.

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