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Wet Floor Signs Walmart. When you walk into a building most of the time, the first thing you notice is the appearance of the floor. Does it shine or is it dull and dirty? If it seems extra shiny it could be that the floor is wet and if so, there should be wet floor signs indicating such.

Wet floor signs are not simply to let you know the floor is wet, rather to give a visual warning that there is the possibility of unstable footing which could cause a person to slip and fall sustaining injury. If you mop or refinish your floor causing it to be wet and someone slips and falls and the warning signs are not in place, there is a big chance are you will get sued and you will lose. Insurance companies and private industry lose millions of dollars every year because a wet floor was not marked with warning signs or wet floor cones.

A good rule of thumb to remember when using wet floor signs is to insure they are visible from every point of entry into the area where the work is being conducted. This will insure that anyone entering your work space will notice the warnings and take extra care as they pass through. Many of the signs today will not only be bi-lingual but have a pictogram as well giving an extra visual aid of the warning.

There are a number of different types of wet floor signs all designed to do one thing; warn of potential hazards due to the floor being wet. The most common type is the sandwich board style which is a two sided sign indicating the message. Another popular style is the pop up safety sign which looks like a pyramid with the visual warnings on each side. There are also expandable types and banner signs available. One other type is the cone style which basically looks like the cones you will see in a highway construction zone. Depending on each application and area to protect will help determine which wet floor sign is right for the application.

Using wet floor signs are the most economical way to insure the proper marking and warning of a potentially hazardous area. Always use the proper warning signage not just to be compliant, but more so to give visual warning so that people entering an area can avoid injury

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Liquid spills from drinks, food, or other sources are very common occurrences, whether they occur in retail establishments or private property. In the event of a spill, it is important to quickly address and clean up the issue before pedestrians suffer a slip-and-fall injury. Failure to address such problems may result in serious injury to people walking nearby.

Small liquid spills like drinks or other items are often easy to clean up and may not pose much of a hazard to individuals in the area. Spills from soft drinks or water are usually easily tended to with a mop, or towels, and can make sure that people walking by are not injured in a slip-and-fall accident.

Spills on a larger scale may be more difficult to clean up and often require more attention to address. If a water pipe breaks or if inclement weather causes flooding in a building, property owners may require the assistance of vacuums, pumps, and other machinery to remove water from the affected area. In addition, large amounts of water on surfaces may take a significant amount of time to dry.

Pedestrians are often unaware of flooring hazards like slippery surfaces caused by spills or water collection, especially if they are unfamiliar with the premises upon which they are walking. In the event of water collection on walking surfaces, property owners, managers, or employees, should make sure to post signs warning of possible dangers.

Proper signage usually includes bright colors like yellow and red, and typically warns of wet flooring with wording and pictures. Many property owners choose to purchase A-frame signs to place near wet areas to provide notice to guests and patrons. If the owner does not have an official sign, it is important to create something to warn of potential hazards to people walking by.

Failure to provide adequate notice of property hazards may result in serious slip-and-fall injuries to visitors, customers, and people walking in the area. If a person is injured in an accident caused by negligence or failure on the part of a property owner, he or she may be eligible for compensation for medical expenses, pain, suffering, and other expenses. The owner, manager, or other individuals may be held liable for damages caused to individuals who were not properly protected or warned of hazards to their health and livelihood.

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